Global Architecture Political Compass V 0.2.

“Global Architecture Political Compass V 0.2.” is a virtual platform that continues the investigation about the political re-engagement of our discipline, as analysed in Alejandro Zaera-Polo’s essay “Well into the 21st Century” and the “Global Architectural Compass V 0.1.”.

It is an interactive interface that allows to challenge the outlined categories, their relationships and their featured protagonists. The chart will automatically readjust to show the audience's inputs generating new versions of the map. It is a live collaboration diagram, grounded on cumulative improvements, differing from the previous paper-based static iteration.

Global Architecture Political Compass V 0.2. Is a web-based diagram edited by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Guillermo Fernández-Abascal.

You are in EDIT MODE with abilities to:

- Add new/Change position of practices;

- Redefine the boundaries of the categories;